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Furniture Care Guide


  • Dusting is a key factor in Maintaining your wood furniture. A clean,soft cloth is all that is needed most of the time. Apply a small amount of furniture polish on the cloth being used,rather than spraying directly on the wood. Be careful to always follow the manufacturers instructions on which ever product you use. I like to use Guardsman polish, Behold with lemon or Pledge with lemon

  • Use coasters, or saucers or cosmetic trays beneath drinks, potted plants or anything that contains liquids. Left standing, liquids can cause white circles in your finish and if left for long periods of time can cause the finish to lift from the wood.

  • Direct Sunlight can damage your furniture. Steady, prolonged exposure can cause fading or create hairline cracks. Keep your furniture away from open windows, heaters and air conditioners. Close proximity to these sources can adversely affect the moisture content of your wood causing it to crack and split.

  • Use a quality table pad on your dining room table. I suggest using a pad with a felt bottom, heat shield and wipeable vinyl top.

  • Drawers, doors sticking? make sure your piece is sitting level on the floor. If not, you may want to adjust any leveling glides. Over time furniture can settle into carpeting or rugs. If drawers and doors begin to rub, the glides (if installed),may need to be adjusted.

  • When moving your bed, always disassemble it first. Moving a wooden headboard or footboard without doing so can exert undue stress on the rails causing them to crack or split.

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